1750 Beacon Street Guest Rooms

If you desire a particular floor, for any reason, please contact us. Our website only allows you to reserve rooms by room type. If you would like to reserve a particular room by name please call us at 617.566.0088 or toll free at 888.575.0088. Unfortunately we DO NOT have an elevator.
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams (1st Floor)
Samuel Adams: A large room located on the first floor with two queen size beds, sitting area, ornamental fireplace & a large private bath. Commonwealth
Commonwealth (1st Floor)
Commonwealth: A large sunny room located on the first floor with a king size bed, sitting area & bathtub. The morning sunlight shines through the beautiful bay windows, creating a warm & welcoming environment.
Paul Revere
Paul Revere (2nd Floor)
Paul Revere: A bright second floor room with two full size beds including a sitting area, fireplace & bathtub. Boston Common
Boston Common (2nd Floor)
Boston Common: This ornately decorated room overlooks historic Beacon Street & is located on the second floor & features a king size bed & private bathroom.
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy (2nd Floor)
John F. Kennedy: A quiet room on the second floor with two queen size beds, sitting area, & ornamental fireplace. Mayflower
Mayflower (2nd Floor)
Mayflower: A quiet, spacious & cheery room located on the second floor gets great afternoon light and has a small foyer area, king size bed, two closets & bathtub.
John Hancock
John Hancock (3rd Floor)
John Hancock: A third floor room with one king bed, a quaint sitting area, closet nook & bathtub. Constitution
Constitution (3rd Floor)
Constitution: This third-floor room, with a dormer overlooking historic Beacon Street, is perfect for a family outing or getaway. Featuring two full beds.
Old Bay State
Old Bay State (3rd Floor)
Old Bay State: This quiet third-floor room offers two queen size beds. The d├ęcor is complimented by turn-of-the-century dark wood headboards & a cedar lined closet. John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams (3rd Floor)
John Quincy Adams: A large appealing room located on the third floor, with a king size bed, small foyer area, sitting area & bathtub.
The following four rooms are on the fourth (top) floor of a historical brownstone. The ceilings are slightly lower than other rooms, so if you are looking for a quaint room with great character, these are the rooms for you.
Plymouth (4th Floor)
Plymouth: A quiet room located on the fourth floor offers two full size beds, a bathtub, sitting area & large closet. Harvard
Harvard (4th Floor)
Harvard: Roomy & full of personality, the Harvard room can both inspire & relax a working mind. Features a dormer window overlooking the trees of Beacon Street, a queen size bed, & a large closet, perfect for long term stays.
Haymarket (4th Floor)
Haymarket: A vastly sunny room on the fourth floor looks out at the tree tops of Beacon Street. This small yet quaint room is always bright & very private and features original light hardwood floors & a queen size bed. Patriot
Patriot (4th Floor)
Patriot: A quiet & charming room on the fourth floor with a full size bed, & sitting area.