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Beacon Inn Modern Comfort Bed and Breakfast 2016-08-01T18:21:31Z http://www.beaconinn.com/?feed=atom WordPress staff <![CDATA[Things to Do: The Oldest Bars in Boston]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/?p=2708 2016-08-01T18:21:31Z 2016-08-01T18:21:31Z Continue Reading]]> Boston's Famous Union Oyster House

Saying “Boston has some really old bars” would be an understatement, possibly by more than a few hundred years.

At 302 years old, the Green Dragon has some serious historical prominence. Pull up to the bar, and enjoy a beer where the Boston Tea Party was planned.

The Bell in Hand Tavern is 221 years old, and is the longest continuously operating tavern in the United States – and was a favorite watering hole of Paul Revere.

It should come then, at no surprise that the oldest restaurant in the USA is also located in Boston. At 190 years old, and just steps away from The Bell in Hand, the Union Oyster House is a must visit for oysters, or if you’re an exiled French king who needs a place to crash for a few years.

Wrapping up our list is Jacob Wirth tavern, where the first Anheiser Busch products were served in the US. This popular bar has been serving one of America’s favorite beers for most of it’s 156 year history.

staff <![CDATA[The Best Apps to Download Before Your Trip to Boston]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/?p=2703 2016-07-08T13:41:49Z 2016-07-08T13:41:49Z Continue Reading]]> Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 9.30.05 AM

Your mobile phone will quickly become your most essential travel tool on your next trip to Boston with these travel focused apps.


Flying in? Boston’s Logan Airport is a major airport, meaning flights pass through every day. If being sure you’re getting the absolute cheapest fare is your priority, Skiplagged can help unlock secret deals on air travel.

Transit App or ProximiT

Boston’s transit can be a super convenient and affordable way to get around the city. Know which subway train to take and when it’s coming with these two convenient public transportation apps.

Tour Boston’s Freedom Trail

Even at $2.99 for Apple devices, it’s far cheaper than some of the other traditional guided tours in the city. Navigate the Freedom trail with ease and learn about the historical significance of stops along the 2.5-mile route.

ParkWhiz or ParkBoston

Driving? No sweat! ParkWhiz app will help you find parking deals all over the city and even lets you book them instantly on your phone. ParkBoston is connected to the city’s metered parking spots and conveniently lets you pay your meter fare from your mobile device, then tracks your time so you can avoid pesky parking tickets.

Weather Underground

One of the highest rated weather apps gives you an advantage over the ever changing New England forecasts. Get hour by hour interactive radar and forecast updates to make sure you stay ready for fun.

staff <![CDATA[Weekend Essentials: What to Pack for a Boston Getaway]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/?p=2697 2016-07-07T23:29:12Z 2016-07-07T23:29:12Z Continue Reading]]> 2008-10-16_2344

The only thing predictable about New England weather is the unpredictability. That’s why many tourists often panic when planning a trip to Boston. So what do you pack when traveling to a new city, especially when the weather may change at any moment? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

1. A good rain jacket

We’re not just talking about something with a hood here, but a layer that’s truly waterproof. Trust us, you’ll be glad you brought it when it starts down pouring during the second inning of your Red Sox game.

2. Comfortable walking shoes

Unless you plan on taking a cab everywhere, you’re going to do a lot of walking. This fact, combined with the many cobblestone streets, makes high heels impractical (and dangerous) for even the most experienced fashionista. Traveling during the winter months? Definitely pack some warm winter boots. The slush-filled streets will ruin sneakers in no time.

3. Nicer evening attire

Planning on checking out an opera, ballet or musical while you’re in town? Be sure to pack something that’s a step up from your tourist gear. For the ladies, we recommend some cotton slacks that travel well (and will require little ironing once you get to your hotel) to keep your legs warm if the weather suddenly turns chilly.

4. Jeans

Known for it’s comfortable style, Boston is a city that lives for jeans. Pair them with a slinkier top or a button down dress shirt and they will instantly take you from Fenway Park to happy hour. Packing one pair will often take you through several outfits during your trip and they may even be rolled or cuffed if the weather turns warm.

5. Great pajamas

Whether you’re traveling to Boston for business or pleasure, comfortable pajamas are essential to ensure you’ll get a great night’s sleep. Packing stylish PJs will also mean you’re presentable enough to walk downstairs to grab your breakfast in the morning.

What not to pack? Your Yankees gear, of course! Sports are a religion in Boston, and while the people are friendly, we don’t necessarily make fast friends with the enemy. What item always makes it into your suitcase when you travel to Boston? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

staff <![CDATA[Beyond the City Limits: 5 Places to Visit Just Outside of Boston]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/?p=2692 2016-06-27T15:06:34Z 2016-06-27T15:06:34Z Continue Reading]]> Michael's-HarborsideWEBMAIN-10-14

If you’re traveling to Boston, but feel as though you’ve already experienced all that the city has to offer, you don’t have to drive very far to reach some other cities and towns that are totally worth visiting. Check out our list of our top five places to visit just beyond Boston’s borders.

1. Salem — Rich in history, thanks to the famous Salem Witch Trials of 1692, Salem is loaded with interesting museums and attractions. Stop by the Salem Witch Museum, or the Witch Dungeon Museum for the low down on the city’s dark past. Or, for a change of pace check out the House of Seven Gables, a 1668 colonial mansion on the coast that has been transformed into a museum.

2. Manchester by The Sea — Located at the southerly end of Cape Ann, Manchester by theSea is a quintessential New England town with a quaint downtown and stunning harbor. Though lacking in the big “touristy” attractions, the town more than makes up for it in charm. Visit the picturesque “Singing Beach” (so named due to the sound the sand makes when dry) for a quiet afternoon in the sun.

3. Brookline — Though part of Greater Boston, Brookline was incorporated as a separate town in 1705. This means you’re sure to experience an eclectic mix of urban and suburban amenities here. Be sure to check out Allendale Farm, one of the nation’s oldest privately held family farms, for some bountiful veggies and colorful flowers. If you need a place to crash, check out our Inn for tasteful accommodations in a restored Victorian brownstone.

4. Cambridge — Despite its location right across the bridge from Boston’s bustling downtown, Cambridge is often overlooked by the tourist crowd — making it great for the travelers looking for something a little different without having to go very far. Boasting a vibrant arts scene, visitors have the option of checking out a show at the theater or browsing the Harvard Art Museums.

5. Newburyport — The furthest location on our list, about 45 minutes north of Boston, Newburyport is definitely worth the trip. From great shopping and dining to views of sailboats coming into port, this is a destination worth visiting. For lunch, stop by Michael’s Harborside for an amazing deck with a view and indulge in the lazy man lobster pie.

Have you visited any of these cities and towns? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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While many may have preconceived notions about what a stay at bed and breakfast entails — including outdated furnishings and overbearing hosts — the truth is, many BNBs and inns alike have modern amenities and stellar service to rival even the poshest urban resort. Read on for our top reasons why a local bed and breakfast should be on your list when planning your next destination.

1. The value. Smaller in scale and smaller in price, at many bed and breakfasts you will find killer deals for accommodations that are on par, or better, than the big-name corporate hotels.

2. The service. Let’s face it, a large corporate hotel just doesn’t have the time to cater to your every whim. Not so at an intimate bed and breakfast. Have specific dietary needs? Or want to surprise your honey with some flowers and chocolates upon arrival? Chances are the innkeepers will be happy to go out of their way to make sure your stay is top notch.

3. The details. You won’t be surrounded by cookie-cutter oak hotel furniture or Ikea artwork here. Instead, you’re likely to find fireplaces, turn of the century antiques, or even a ridiculously comfortable four poster bed.

4. The history. Forget the freshly built skyscrapers, instead opt for accommodations with a nod to the past. When you stay at a bed and breakfast, you’ll have the option to stay in a piece or history, including a restored Victorian brownstone in Boston, the site of a civil war battle in Mississippi or even the same suite as a past president in Virginia.

5. The people. Staying at a bed and breakfast can often be much like staying in the home of a beloved relative, or at least a well-liked aunt. You’ll get to know the innkeepers who will likely have some great advice on things to do in your destination city and you’ll even have a chance to mingle with your fellow guests on the front porch or over breakfast in the morning.

6. The location. One of the biggest benefits of bed and breakfasts are their inconspicuous locations. Often, you’ll get to experience the city like a local by staying in the area’s residential neighborhoods, rather than being confined to the commercial centers. This way, you’ll get a much more authentic view of the city.

7. The flexibility. Don’t bother asking the front desk at Corporate Hotel Chain if you can check in bit early or stay a few hours late — rules are rules, after all. Fortunately, bed and breakfasts are much more accommodating when you need to bend them a bit in order to fit your tight schedule.

8. The security. Let’s face it, even with a doorman, huge corporate hotels don’t always have the best security. The smaller scale of a bed and breakfast or inn means fewer people and potentially safer accommodations.

9. The quiet. Fewer guests often means a quieter night’s stay, too. So, you can finally leave the earplugs at home.

10. The availability. From major metropolitan areas, like right next to Boston’s Fenway Park, to a quaint retreat in the mountains, chances are there’s a bed and breakfast located in just about any of your future destinations.

What are your reasons for booking a Boston bed and breakfast? Let us know in the comments below!

staff <![CDATA[Boston Like a Local: 4 Non-Touristy Things to Do in the City]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/?p=2681 2016-06-14T22:13:19Z 2016-06-14T22:06:43Z Continue Reading]]> As the warm weather approaches, more and more tourists will be crowding Boston’s already bustling sidewalks. So how do you avoid the usual tourist traps and take in some true local Boston culture? Read on for our top “must-dos” from real life Boston residents.

1. Catch a live show.

Whether it’s a killer comedy show at Improv Asylum, a hot new local band taking the stage at the House of Blues, or a ballet at the Boston Opera House, taking in a live event is one of best ways to experience the city like a local. Boston prides itself on its diverse arts scene, so on any given day you’ll likely find the locals skipping the spots overloaded by tourists in exchange for culture within any of the numerous venues that dot the city.

2. Get lost in a great book (store).

In a city that’s home to some of the nation’s top universities (Harvard is, after all, just around the corner), it’s not unusual to find brainy locals with their noses buried deep books — even while walking down the street. So, take a cue from the bookish types and spend the afternoon getting lost in one of the city’s great bookstores. We recommend the unusual Brattle Book Shop, located on West Street. One of the oldest and largest used bookstores in America, you’re sure to find something within the racks to suit even the most finicky bookworm. The vacant lot next door is even taken over with additional inventory.

3. Do happy hour like it’s your job.

Besides sports, Boston is perhaps most passionate about happy hour. After a long day at the office, you’ll find businessmen and women leaving their offices in droves and heading toward their favorite watering holes. Skip the touristy Quincy Market area and instead opt for one of the locals’ favorites like Meadhall over in Cambridge, where you’ll find comfortable sofas and over 100 beers on tap or Eastern Standard on Commonwealth for strong cocktails and tasty oysters.

4. Avoid the mainstream hotels.

Instead of the usual big-name corporate hotel chain, opt for a quaint inn or bed and breakfast during your next jaunt to the city for a more authentic vibe. These smaller establishments, like the Beacon Inn, frequently provide much better service and swankier amenities than their corporate counterparts — with the added bonus of more interesting accommodations, like a location within a converted Victorian brownstone.

What are your favorite ways to experience Boston like a local while you’re in town? Let us know in the comments below!

shell <![CDATA[Holiday Season in Boston!]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/new/?p=2410 2015-10-23T14:17:38Z 2015-10-23T14:16:47Z It’s that time of year! There are plenty of festive events and activities happening in Boston this time of the year. The 74rd annual Boston Common Tree Lighting Ceremony takes place in December at the Boston Commons. In addition to the tree lighting, there is outdoor ice skating at the Frog Pond. ]]> 0 shell <![CDATA[Red Sox Season Is Here!]]> http://www.beaconinn.com/new/?p=2386 2015-10-23T13:58:47Z 2015-10-22T16:29:53Z Continue Reading]]> Our favorite time of year has officially started- Red Sox Season! We’re filling up fast for all of their home game weekends in May and with good reason- The Beacon Inn 1087 is only a 10 minute walk from Fenway Park. For those of you looking to be a little further removed from the action, The Beacon Inn 1750 is only a 15 minute ride on the train which is conveniently located right outside of our front door. It’s only $40.00 to catch a game and we believe that everyone should experience the oldest professional baseball field in America. Beat the rush and book your room now.

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