Come Explore Boston’s Food Truck Scene

Written by admin
Monday, 8 Apr 2013

In the food truck business, Boston restaurateurs would have to put hundreds of trucks into operation to rival the number of trucks operated by chefs in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon—both food truck meccas boasting 600 trucks (or “carts”) apiece. If new food trucks continue to rumble into business at the current rate of 28 per year, it won’t be long before Boston, like Portland, can support a food truck tourism industry. This month marks the beginning of food-truck-hunting open season; it’s time to wash off your handkerchief for 7 months of glorious mouth-wiping, and mouth-watering, gastronomic goodness.

It’s possible to sample all of Boston’s 78 truck-rateaurs—and make no mistake, some of this street food puts sit-down gourmet dining to shame in quality and price—in as little as two weeks. Here at the Beacon Inn, we realize (some of us, reluctantly) that most of our bed and breakfast guests want to do more than nosh-nom-nom their way around Brookline and Boston, so we’ve developed a list of our favorite trucks and keep a schedule of their destinations at our front desk. This list is updated from time-to-time, and we’ll occasionally post these updates, as reviews, on our blog.

In no particular order, the Beacon Inn’s top-three food truck favorites:

The Chicken and Rice Guys: lamb gyro plate
Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese: Mighty Rib Melt
The Dining Car: Honey Truffle Goat Cheese Sandwich